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Last year's V4 Law Summit really had a great impact on all the participants. 

We know that after the tiring exam periods we all go through, studying is not necessarily calculated in the warm summer months. However, the high-level professionalism and gripping roundtable talks made learning joyful and adventurous. Moreover, after the lectures were over, the day was all about enjoyment: we strengthened our connections during team plays and extracurricular activities, and every evening, we shared our personal and academic stories while enjoying the taste of dinner. It was you all who proved that what starts off as a law summit, will eventually become an adventure filled with studying, networking, laughing, and building important, long-lasting friendships. 

Your enjoyment is our number 1 priority! That is why we are working hard not only to provide academic fulfillment, but also to arrange a week for you in the heart if Hungary where you can enjoy the good food, the good wine and the beautiful landscapes our dear country has to offer!



We are counting on your presence yet again this year!